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  • Business Practice Bootcamp                            40% OFF!
  • Client Engagement System                               40% OFF!                             
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 Irene De Jesus

“Oh my goodness I FOUND it! These resources are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. In my humble opinion, my investment in this model is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what I am learning and receiving. Time and time again I am blown away by the learning and the resources. As a new practicing attorney, I have the solid foundation I need to be very successful :)”
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  • Reinvent Your Law Practice! Work with families and clients you love, and start having $10K days… all while controlling your own schedule.
  • Start Serving Families With A New Model of estate planning they actually want, not just need (we call it legal life planning) within weeks.
  • 8-Module Video Training Course (with an average of 6-8 CLE credits per State) with downloadable worksheets.
  • Exclusive Access to the members-only Estate Planning Bootcamp forum.
  • 90 Days of New Law Business Model Coaching with our Estate Planning Law Business Mentor Nicole Newman + Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Katz + Stress Free Lawyer Coaching
(Reg. $3,500)
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  • Generate Recurring Monthly Income and become a true trusted advisor to a handful of business owner clients you love to serve!
  • 7 Steps to Serving Business Owners in a Whole New Way + 10-Module Training Course (CLE-Eligible) with Videos + PDF handouts.
  • Exclusive Access to the members-only Business Practice Bootcamp forum.
  • 90 Days of New Law Business Model Coaching with our Business Practice Law Business Mentor Denise Gosnell + Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Katz + Stress Free Lawyer Coaching.
JUST $2,897 (40% Off!) 

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  • Engage 97.5% of Prospects who call your office, eliminate hourly billing and double your revenues with a system based in service and education… NOT “selling.” Discover how to engage clients in a whole new way with a complete fee quoting system, fee schedule, and pre-meeting process to become the trusted advisor to your prospects before they ever come into your office so you become "unshoppable."
  • Complete Training Package including templates, scripts, checklists, tracking sheets, videos, and audios.
  • Exclusive Access to the members-only Client Engagement System forum.
  • 90 Days of New Law Business Model Coaching with Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Katz + Stress Free Lawyer Coaching
JUST $4,796  (60% Off!) 

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"THE WHOLE ENCHILADA" (Reg. $11,992)
JUST $4,796 (60% Off!)
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  • Get It All... Everything you need to become THE Trusted Advisor for families and small business owners in your community.
  • Estate Planning Bootcamp
  • Business Practice Bootcamp
  • Client Engagement System
  • Perpetual Marketing Machine Program with Client Attraction System
  • PLUS: Pay in Full on the Whole Enchilada and Receive Two Private Coaching Sessions with Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Katz, to use anytime in the 12 months. ($2,500 value)
Check Out These Exclusive, Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Lawyers Who Have Used Our Programs...

Maureen Pritchard

"I was afraid to let go of a regular paycheck -- this corporation was paying me a yearly salary so I was terrified of going out on my own... finally I decided to join the Estate Planning Bootcamp and I am loving the fact that I have more time to spend with my son because the work hours are not as crazy as they used to be. I have so much more free time and have clients who are coming in."

Edwin Hightower

"The biggest initial concern I had was from a financial standpoint... I was having some financial difficulties and had concerns about making a long-term commitment. But since I started the Estate Planning Bootcamp and Client Engagement System a few months ago, I now have recurring monthly clients at approximately $6,000 per estate plan, and it's picking up. I've had four clients sign on the dotted line literally in the past 30 days."

Amie Mendoza

"I graduated law school in 2011 as a brand-new mom. Everything I had learned in law school was completely worthless because I didn't know how to run a business... I had no clue how to charge money and market myself. When I found Alexis, I went all in on her programs, and in the first 2 weeks I had my first $4,000 trust fund signed. Right now as I speak I'm sitting on my beautiful back porch staring at my gorgeous pool and it's 3:30 on a Thursday. I'm not even in the office now. My client service director is running the show."

Julie Richardson

"I did litigation work for 12 years and basically hated every minute of it. It was just sort of what I fell into out of law school because I didn't know what else there was and it was a really bad fit -- I was miserable. When I stumbled across Alexis' Estate Planning Bootcamp program and decided to take the plunge. The videos were so inspiring -- all the tools are there. With the program, I started turning a profit in 6 months, and every month sine then has been profitable, which was so far beyond my wildest expectations..."

Kevin Snyder

"When I found the New Law Business Model, I was frustrated with my current law practice. I was toiling away as a government employee and was looking for a complete change. I was skeptical Alexis' program would bring results but now I'm almost a year and a half in and it has exceeded my expectations by far. I am hitting numbers I didn't think were possible... right now I am approaching the $300k mark for the year, which I shouldn't even be hitting for another 4 months according to my year plan."
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